Poison Revive-Pestilence Lancer build.2.6.1 necro



2.6.1対応 超毒々しい大蘇生悪疫コープスランサー - diablo3cs’s diary





Corpse Lance, I love you.


2.6.1, PS 4 version.


I wanna make the Build to use Pestilence harder.  Perhaps the PC version seems to breathe yourself if you try to do the same thing. Because in a console version, you can use all buttons at same time.this is a special build for PS4.


大蘇生悪疫ビルドの補足、最適なボタン配置について - diablo3cs’s diary


11/9, supplementary note on button operation.



死者の大地と死体消費スキルと悪疫の関係 - diablo3cs’s diary



Likewise, I wrote something about the number of lance generation.For your reference.


With intelligence 18.2k at this build, GR 111 can break through with leaving 5 minutes.


In season 12 you can break through GR 100 without Ancient Items. Intelligence 8500.



11/8 postscript.

11/10, Review the composition for damage up.



Its Everything makes a strong build with  Pestilence-set use. The brain muscle is the best!


Active skill

  • Corpse Lance / ricocheat
  • revive / Horrific Return
  • Devour / Voracious
  • Land of the dead / Plaguelands
  • Born Spear / Brad Spear ( changed to the Blighted Marrow )
  • Skeletal mage / Gift of death ( Change to life support )


"revive / Horrific Return" is a powerful rune in the land of the dead, which makes a state abnormality by putting enemy into a state of fear instead of the frozen land. Even changing the rune of the land of dead  to the   Plaguelands is still stronger by the enemy's ability to escape and leave distance.


Passive skill

  • Overwhelming Essence
  • Final service
  • Blood is power
  • Rathma's shield


When it is difficult due to lack of resources, it will be easier to combine saturation of the essence with reincarnation, combined with bracer of Reaper!



  • Black Death of Niia
  • Whispers Paul Dron
  • Declaration of Krisbin


I can not use fangs corroded by Tragoul because of skill frame. In book build which does not depend almost on attack speed in damage, both hand-held sickles are stronger.


  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
  • Aggregation of attributes
  • Overflowing desire


The overflowing desire is best for this build because cool down is attached by default. It also involves state abnormality.



Body equipment

  • 6 full parts of  Pestilence 
  • Vigilante's belt
  • Bracer of nemesis
  • Raylein's shadow hook


The bracer  is other than that.


  • Agility's gogok
  • The nightmares of captivity
  • Zei's revenge jewel Running


How to play

  1. "Skeletal mages" and "devour" keep the buttons depressed.
  2. Launch the "land of the dead" when you encounter.
  3. I will keep " Revive". Together with No. 1, keep pressing 3 buttons.
  4. Shoot "bone spear" as it is to earn cool down.If the collection of attributes becomes poisoned, or if you want firepower, shoot the "Corpse lance" manually, not "bone spear".
  5. If the "land of the dead" go down, you will cancel the revive. Shoot "Born Spear" and earn cool down.
  6. Do not forget to save the effect of Niia with occasional poisoning skills.


I want 55% for cool down only equipments.In the land of the dead, in addition to the corpse lance generation in the "devour", even in a "revive" it consumes the corpse to generate a lance. Enemy(except lift Gadian) becomes a state of fear by the effect of "revive / Horrific Return" and it escapes.

During fear, special skills that occur with freezing do not occur. Moreover, in the frozen land, other state abnormality does not get to the frozen enemy, but in the case of fear attractiveness will ride so the effect of overflowing desire will ride. Powerful.


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (Japanese)_20171107191531 - YouTube


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (Japanese)_20171112223113 - YouTube




notesIf Fred has tried it, it seems that GR 100 can afford to leave 11 part of Caldes San.

When trying variously, it seems that there are frequent occurrences such as "to stun at 5.1%" attached to the secondary parameters of armor parts, because of how much lance it is too many. Therefore, the re-roll of the secondary may be effective for belts, trousers, boots, etc.

This build is heavy processing, so if you have two of these builds on-line, PlayStation 4 will fail. dangerous. Let's be careful when using it on line.


Additional 2)

The acquisition of the Zodiac effect in the skeletal mage has limitation about once / 1 second.(its limmited by attack speed)

In contrast, the summoning speed of the mage is about 0.5 seconds, so it is excessive to earn Zodiac.

For this reason, you can get the Zodiac effect with maximum efficiency for essence consumption by manually halving the summation frequency of the skeletal mage during the off time when the dead ground is not effective.


If you can change the rune of skeletal mage to life support, you can earn 4 effects of niia by poisoning bone spear. Just by reviewing the standing and skill composition, the firepower will rise by as much as 25%.



The priority of parameter,

  1. Cool down, min.52%, more than 55% is better,56.9% is best.
  2. LV25 gogok.
  3. critical hit damages.
  4. critical hit rate.
  5. corpse lance damages.
  6. essence
  7. aria damages.70%
  8. intelligence
  9. secondary parameter of the belt, "1.0-5.1% frozen"
  10. attack speed. Its useful for the Zodiac.


no need.

  • defence
  • attribute resistance
  • life